The Queen is back and the Holloway Coven is in a tight spot. Agatha takes charge of cleaning up the mess and ends up face-to-face with a monstrous invader in the Queen's territory. With Sammie's life hanging in the balance, is Agatha prepared to deal with this threat by herself?

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We hope you enjoy our Dark Fantasy Audiobook, produced as a Full-Cast Audio Drama for you to enjoy in high definition and professional quality. It was written by original fiction author Devin McCamey as a fantasy podcast. This episode features an original score, creating a unique and immersive experience.

Voice Actors:

Agatha Holloway was voiced by Iriska Redding

Tennessee Terror was voiced by Gorath Hyun

Sammie Holloway & Beth Holloway were voiced by Rosie Knuckles

Lindy Holloway was voiced by Aubrey McCamey

Devin McCamey – Director, Author

Jonathan Capers – Producer

Brandon McCamey – Graphic Designer

Michael Glassel – Sound Engineer, Original Score Composer