Companionship in dark days is important. Just having someone to talk to can help ease the heavy burden of loneliness. But when that voice is stolen from you, what then? Is there anything you wouldn't do to find that connection again, however tenuous? Is there any price you wouldn't pay to read your friend's words on the page of a forbidden text just to know them for a moment longer? That feeling corrupts, and the book brings strength and pain.

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Homes hold many secrets, as is even true with the Duchess Anna. The skeletons in our closets are open for Valiant hunters to find if they merely search our home for Anna's second title.

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For Fans Of:
– Old Gods of Appalachia
– H.P. Lovecraft
– Joe Abercrombie
– Neil Gaiman
– Jim Butcher
– Kevin Hearne
– The Magnus Archives
– Welcome to Night Vale
– Malevolent
– The White Vault
– The Black Tapes
– Limetown
– Tanis
– Archive 81
– Alice Isn't Dead
– The Lovecraft Investigations