Weighing the hearts and minds of mortals is such a simple thing. It's all about the balance of the scale, weight and counter weight. Cause and effect. Every soul has its value, every life has a price. But peering into the machinations of gods is another matter entirely…  

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Diana of Mt. Olympus chooses two of her followers to enact her petty revenge on one of the Egyptian pantheon, Bastet. A slight for a slight, you see. But gods play the long game, and there's more than a few chips on the table (as they say).

For Fans Of:
– Old Gods of Appalachia
– H.P. Lovecraft
– Joe Abercrombie
– Neil Gaiman
– Jim Butcher
– Kevin Hearne
– The Magnus Archives
– Welcome to Night Vale
– Malevolent
– The White Vault
– The Black Tapes
– Limetown
– Tanis
– Archive 81
– Alice Isn't Dead
– The Lovecraft Investigations