The horrors that lurk in the depths of the ocean are not always the monsters we fear. Nia and her team plunge below the surface and discover the true terrors that are awaiting us there.

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Narrated by Rosie Knuckles

Nia is voiced by Rosie Knuckles

Desmond is voiced by Jeremiah John

Bruce is voiced by Jeremiah John

Alex is voiced by Gorath Hyun

Robin is voiced by Iriska Redding

Jillian is voiced by Iriska Redding

Written and Directed by Devin McCamey

Produced by Jonathan Capers

Soundscape, Audio Engineering, and Original Soundtrack by Michael Glassel

Original Artwork by Brandon McCamey

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For Fans Of:

– Old Gods of Appalachia 

– H.P. Lovecraft 

– Joe Abercrombie 

– Neil Gaiman

– Jim Butcher

– Kevin Hearne

– The Magnus Archives

– Welcome to Night Vale

– Malevolent

– The White Vault

– The Black Tapes


– Limetown

– Tanis

– Archive 81

– Alice Isn't Dead

– The Lovecraft Investigations