Knowledge is power, but power for who? Sometimes the language can pull itself free from the page. Once loose, what does it do after being trapped for a thousand years? These words became a monster, and the Occult Research Center's containment wasn't built for a creature of this magnitude. Can the researchers stop the beast before it escapes?

This dark cosmic entity doesn't start as a Lovecraftian old one or elder god, but as it eats, it quickly becomes one.

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Episode Credits: 

Written by Devin McCamey 

Narrated by Jeremiah John

Alex: Devin McCamey

Curtis: Gorath Hyun

Lindsey and the Lingua: Rosie Knuckles

Ari: Iriska Redding

Jeffrey: Brandon McCamey 

Music Sound Design: Michael G.

Artwork: Brandon McCamey

Media Manager: Jonathan Capers

For Fans Of:

– Old Gods of Appalachia 

– H.P. Lovecraft 

– Joe Abercrombie 

– Neil Gaiman

– Jim Butcher

– Kevin Hearne

– The Magnus Archives

– Welcome to Night Vale

– Malevolent

– The White Vault

– The Black Tapes


– Limetown

– Tanis

– Archive 81

– Alice Isn't Dead

– The Lovecraft Investigations