The winter can be bright and full of entertainment. Nick, liked skiing, for instance. He would always take a winter vacation from work when the first heavy snows hit Colorado, and he always stayed somewhere new. When a winter storm hit the Great Heartwood Lodge however, Nick instead found himself trapped in a grand hotel full of nightmares.  

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Episode Credits:
Written by Devin McCamey 
Narrated by Jeremiah John 
Nick: Gorath Hyun 
Laura: Rosie Knuckles
Quinn O'Connell: Jeremiah John 
Elias and Antonio: Jeremiah John 
Female Monster: Rosie Knuckles 
Sound Design: Lawrence Lyons 
Artwork: Brandon McCamey 
Custom Music: Jonathan Capers  
Pearce Roswell / Get Mine / courtesy of 
Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen / Enter the Realm of Shadows / courtesy of 
Hampus Naeselius / Cluster One / courtesy of 
Jon Bjork / The Tomb / courtesy of 
Guustavv / Swoozy Swizz / courtesy of

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– H.P. Lovecraft
– Joe Abercrombie
– Neil Gaiman
– Jim Butcher
– Kevin Hearne
– The Magnus Archives
– Welcome to Night Vale
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– The White Vault
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