Sammie Holloway fights off the wraith of a power her mother banished.

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This is the fourth episode in our Mortis Morsels mini-series, and each episode is available for free on our channel.
The Briar Stag –
A Wight Christmas –
Brambles and Black Sap Pt1 –

Sammie Holloway is risking herself and the lives of everyone in Lonely by leaving the town looking for help, but it's got to be done. The Queen is gone, and a Wraith Wind is blowing through the valley. It will kill everything it touches if it isn't stopped, and Sammie can't solve this problem alone.

Written by Devin McCamey
Audio Engineering by Lawrence Lyons
Artwork by Brandon McCamey
Publicity and Marketing by Jonathan Capers
Sammie Holloway is voiced by Rosie Knuckles
Agatha Holloway is voiced by Rosie Knuckles
Jim Wight is voiced by Gorath Hyun

Music and Sound Effects:
Pearce Roswell / Get Mine / courtesy of
Howard Harper-Barnes / Mysterious Forest / Courtesy of
Farrell Wooten / Demon Night / Courtesy of
Ethan Sloan / Gravitas / Courtesy of
Experia / A Bad Gut Feeling / Courtesy of
Arden Forest / Slow Moves / Courtesy of
Dream Cave / The Storm Will Come / Courtesy of
Walt Adams / We Were Warned / Courtesy of
Ruiqi Zhao / Fight Until We Die / Courtesy of
Eric Feinberg / Only Lies / Courtesy of
Howard Harper-Barnes / The Melancholy Waltz /
Courtesy of
David Celeste / Philosophia / Courtesy of

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